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Powering the Next Generation Processors

Beyond CMOS?

Microprocessors are the oil of
the digital age.

NeoLogic is powering the next-generation processors by breaking the limits
of the CMOS design paradigm that dominated VLSI design since the 1970s. Our patent-pending (Quasi-CMOS) technology cuts down the transistors count of digital cores by up to 3x at any technology node. Our design results in up to 50% reduction of power dissipation as well as up to 40% area saving thereby delivering up to 3X
performance-per-watt superiority for any design at any technology node.


Up to 3 Technology nodes!

Quasi-CMOS-based processors Low-power, Smaller, Faster

Neologic is a member of the American Semiconductor Innovation Coalition

Full compatibility
with all EDA tools

Full compatibility
with CMOS fabrication

Reviving Moore's Law

Novel Circuit Topologies

Reduced circuit complexity (reduced transistors' count)

Quasi-CMOS: a new paradigm
of VLSI design

Power-efficient, Smaller Floorplan, Lower Latency.

What is Quasi-CMOS?

Quasi-CMOS is the trademark of our Quasi-CMOS technology.
Quasi-CMOS integrates standard CMOS circuits with our topology-modified circuits.
We have "non-existing" cells with unparalleled PPA such as:
# High Fan-in single-stage logic gates (6-32 inputs and more) 
# Power-efficient
flip-flops and registers

# Power-efficient buffers
and more......


potential yield improvement (GDPW)

potential reliability improvement


up to 3X

PPA improvement

Quasi-CMOS advantages

  • Extend Moore’s law and deliver superior PPA per design.

  • Saving the exponentially rising costs of migrating to a new technology node.

  • More computing power per Watt.

We are a member of:

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European American Chamber of Commerce, New York
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