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About us

NeoLogic was founded to address the increasing workloads of video, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, and more in the cloud and at the edge. We are a developer of unique, patent-pending, technology (Quasi-CMOS) that cuts down the transistor count of circuits by a factor of up to 3x at any technology node. Most of today’s processing infrastructure relies on a 40-year-old processor technology. To address the challenges of modern computing, NeoLogic has developed the industry’s first Quasi-CMOS design technology from the ground up. Our designs are scalable as well as portable to any technology node and deliver power efficiency at a small floor plan combined with high performance.


The company was founded in 2021 by Dr. Avi Messica, a serial entrepreneur, who acts as the company’s Chairman and CEO, and Ziv Leshem, a senior VLSI design executive who acts as its CTO.  Together they have invented Quasi-CMOS; an integrated standard CMOS and Non-CMOS VLSI design paradigm that addresses the current challenges of the semiconductors industry.


With an experienced technical team and a superior VLSI design technology, NeoLogic is honed in on innovating VLSI design and powering the next-generation processors past the CMOS era. By building an ecosystem and strong partnerships, NeoLogic introduces a new paradigm of microprocessor design across multiple verticals where reduced power consumption and area, as well as enhanced yield and reliability, can translate into hundreds of millions of dollars in profits and savings for customers.

Our Advisors

Our Team

Dr. Avi Messica –CEO & Co-Founder

Dr. Avi Messica –
CEO & Co-Founder

Avi has gained his Ph.D. at Weizmann Inst. of science studying ultrafast transistors
and quantum devices. He has 25 years of managerial experience in the high-tech
industry. He served as the device group manager of Tower Semiconductors and has
hands-on experience in the design and fabrication of CMOS devices. Avi led large
R&D teams to successful product commercialization. He acted as VP of Engineering
of ShellCase and was instrumental in commercializing its wafer-level chip-scale
packaging technology which is currently the dominating CSP packaging of CMOS

image sensors. As VP of Engineering of Shellcase he successfully worked with more
than 50 customers. He co-founded and acted as the CEO of semiconductors
companies in the fields of active pixel CMOS image sensor and MEMS optical
cross-connect as well as integrated optics and successfully worked with numerous fortune-500 business partners.

Ziv Leshem – CTO & Co-Founder​

Ziv Leshem – CTO & Co-Founder

​Ziv has more than 24 years of experience in VLSI design. He has worked for some of the
globally leading semiconductor companies and managed large and complex chip
design projects. He served as a senior ASIC design engineer at National
Semiconductors and a chip design team leader at DSPG. He co-founded LogixL
technologies which developed a hardware-based HDL simulator and acted as VP of
VLSI. He worked at Synopsys, a leading EDA tools company, and supported Intel’s
processors’ group as a Synopsys P&R specialist. He served as the director of field
applications engineering at Newsight Imaging and supported its LiDAR and eTOF™
sensors customers. Before co-founding Neologic, Ziv served as the director of the
physical design group at Inomize (acquired by Meta), where he managed the physical
implementation group which provided turnkey services to customers in different verticals
such as automotive, space, etc., using various process nodes from 40nm down to 7nm.

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